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RFID Exchange - your global source of objective information and advice

RFID Exchange is a unique source of objective information and advice about the rapidly changing global world of RFIDs. These Radio Frequency Identification Devices are increasingly used to track the location and condition of goods as they are moved from manufacture through wholesale and to the retail point of sale. On this site, we cover passive and active tags and readers, Savant and application software, and provide free advice, information on implementation issues and solutions. Click here for details of the free and objective RFID advice and information service.

Radio Frequency Identification (RF-ID or RFID) Technology and Solutions are here to stay. Recent announcements by Wal-Mart, the US Department of Defense, Tesco, Marks and Spencer and other large retailers are mandating the use of RFIDs by their suppliers to simplify the supply chain and make big savings in efficency and removal of waste. A recent report by the FDA has endorsed RFID technology as a realistic way to tackle the international issues of drug counterfeiting and piracy.

Suppliers to these companies can simply react and attach RFID tags to their pallets and crates, or they can re-engineer their own processes to maximise the benefits to be gained from full integration of the technology into their operations - this site is here to assist all users, from CEO to hardware installers, to choose the right solution for the opportunity. A full RFID solution is complex - requiring interconnections into global addressing databases, but the ultimate benefits will be far greater than a simple reaction to "stick on some RFID tags."

The best place to start is the RFID 101 page - a simple explanation of RFID technology, the role of the EPC Global and Auto-ID labs and an indication of some of the issues that need to be taken into account in an implementation project. It covers the role of Savant - the open source middleware software platform that integrates reader information and uses a look-up to an ONS Server - the RFID equivalent of the DNS System in the Internet - to find more detailed information on a product. You can also download some selected white papers and PowerPoint slide packs that give a very good overview of RFIDs.

A rapid way of picking up RFID knowledge and experience is through the RFID Projects Book, recently published by RFID Magazine. This 100 page reference guide to RFID solutions, complete with detailed photographs and illustrations, gives the practical details on 13 RFID success stories ranging from fruit and vegetables to the hospital sector. Please investigate this unique source of real-life data on RFID experiences. We have negotiated a special discount - please enter "rfidexchange" in the discount code for an immediate 10% discount on the normal price!

You can use this site as a unique reference source on RFIDs, tags, readers and associated Savant middleware and software. In the Menu link "Companies", you will find detailed information and links to all RFID Companies - designers, manufacturers, distributors and consultants - identified by their main business activity. Pricing information is available in the Purchasing section of the site. In the applications section of the site, you can search for a company that has a product in a particular application area.